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State Health Insurance

Depending on the state you live in will determine which health insurance options are available to you. In every state, group and individual health plans are available, but there are also state-sponsored options that are only available to its citizens. Make sure to check with yours to see what types of plans are available and what you can qualify for.

Type of State Insurance Plans

One type of policy you may come across is one for individuals living with pre-existing health conditions who are having a hard time getting coverage. Since this is a growing demand throughout the U.S., many states have created state high-risk pool insurance plans that give these individuals access to the health care they need. Some of these plans have premiums that are much higher than the average policy and others have limits on what the insured can be charged on premiums.

Another option available in most states is a Medicaid program. Different states have their eligibility requirements, but all require income guidelines to be met. Most children, disabled persons and pregnant women that meet these guidelines are given free coverage. Some states offer an alternative plan for adults if they are over-qualified for their Medicaid program. A lot of states offer a State Children's Health Insurance Program, also known as SCHIP, for minors who don't meet the income requirements of Medicaid. This option offers low-cost coverage. Each state offers different packages and benefits, so make sure to check with yours to get more details.

For Medicare eligible individuals, there is SHIP, State Health Insurance Assistance Program. Not all states have the same type of plans - for instance, some don't have high-risk pool insurance and Medicaid alternatives. It is important that you visit your state's web site to see what type of plans you can find.

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